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The Importance of Accurate and Reliable Measurement

Potential Liabilities
Validation of space, overstatement of area, overpayment of taxes and charges, shortfall in rental revenue, overestimating rental revenues, failure to maximise rental or sales potential, planning application problems, legal liabilities, court appearances, they all have one thing in common – significant and avoidable cost.

Legal Precedence
Precedence has been set and leading commercial real estate companies are being successfully sued for the overstatement of floor areas. Duty of care in the interest of potential purchasers and tenants is falling firmly in the lap of the vendor’s agent and the legal profession hold the agent responsible for the accuracy of the areas.

Mitigate litigious circumstances
Current wisdom is to mitigate the issues that can arise from incorrect measurement of a property. Measurements need to be, certified, follow a code of practice, ultimately provide you and your clients with assurance and be risk adverse.

Size and Shape
The increase of architecturally complex buildings demand highly accurate data to be captured and the complexity of the design, further increases the potential for measurement liability. Conventional techniques of measurement are rarely adequate to accurately assess areas in these times.

Our Duty of Care
Murphy Property Services offer the peace of mind being an independent party and a Duty of Care is offered as standard with all our measurements. We work strictly in accordance with the latest edition of the RICS Code of Measuring Practice and our offering of Duty of Care seals our confidence in our adherence of this code and the accuracy in the measurements we capture for you. Additionally, this due diligence will allow completion to be reached without undue delays or disputes between the parties. Furthermore, Murphy Property Services would, for a modest fee, assign the Duty of Care to parties who might become future owners or tenants.